Am 24. September erscheint das neue Album „Babel“ von Mumford & Sons. Vorab gibt es schon mal ein Video zum Song „I Will Wait“. Am gleichen Tag spielen Mumford & Sons übrigens am iTunes Festival in London, welches wohl auch live via iTunes übertragen werden wird.

Ein besonderes Live-Erlebnis mit Bruce Springsteen hatte Sänger Marcus Mumford. Er erzählte der Sunday Times:

„It was the best fucking day of my life – unbelievable. The Boss had watched our show, which I didn’t know until the penultimate song, when I turned round and saw him in his Ray-Bans, nodding. We watched his set from behind the monitor desk, then, halfway through ‚Hungry Heart‘, he nodded at us and waved us onstage. He grabbed me round the neck and shoved the microphone in my face. Have I watched the YouTube footage? Absolutely, from every single angle. I never watch our band, but I’ll never stop watching that.“